Wishful Thinking Versus Reality: Ham vs. Nye

Photo Credit: YouTube

This past Tuesday, February 4 2013, I had the opportunity to sit down and watch the long-anticipated conversation between Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” and Answers In Genesis founder Ken Ham, in which each man presented his case for evolution and creationism respectively. More specifically, it was a platform upon which both men argued the for the validity of each discipline as a viable scientific model describing our world. While many secularists and religious people have argued that this conversation was long past due, I am inclined to side with Dan Arel, contributing writer for Richard Dawkins’ website, when he suggested that Nye should not debate with Ham because it lends a level of credence to the argument that creationism qualifies as science. As expected, Nye outlined his argument with scientific evidence, while Ham attempted to discredit it through the written word of the bible and distortion of fact. In every sense of the word, the exchange was nauseating. Not only did Ham fail to formulate a valid argument for creationism as a science, he contradicted his own claims and failed to substantiate his claim that students were being misinformed by learning evolution.

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