Happy Holidays: The Alleged War on Christmas

Image Courtesy of: Smashing Magazine

If you stay apprised of current events, then you are no doubt familiar with the audacious rhetoric frequently voiced by Fox News personalities. On Fox, all topics are up for debate and Christmas is one that makes the cut year after year. The conventional wisdom among the folks at Fox is that America has declared “War on Christmas.” This alleged war assumes many forms, be it the non-Christians who express their right to have their own religious iconography displayed in public venues,  the muti-racial versions of Santa Claus, or customer service employees mandated by their companies to use the phrase “Happy Holidays,” and not “Merry Christmas.” In short, according to Fox, Christians are having their freedom of religious expression suppressed. Sorry to say that not only is there no “War on Christmas,” but Fox’s reaction to the fictional fight paradoxically engenders the very dissonance it endeavors to alleviate.

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